New You Smile System | Implant-Anchored Makeover
The New You Smile System
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Why Should I Choose the New You Smile System?

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Contact our Call Center now at 888-727-1153.  Or book a remote consultation, and we’ll evaluate your dental needs, discuss solution options and answer all your questions while you’re in the comfort of your own home or office.  Consults available seven days a week!

Real Patients of the New You Smile System

  • Before-Patient 1
    After-Patient 1
    BeforePatient 1After
  • Before-Patient 3
    After-Patient 3
    BeforePatient 3After
  • Before-Patient 2
    After-Patient 2
    BeforePatient 2After
  • Before-Patient 4
    After-Patient 4
    BeforePatient 4After
  • Before-Patient 5
    After-Patient 5
    BeforePatient 5After
  • Before-Patient 6
    After-Patient 6
    BeforePatient 6After
  • Before-Patient 7
    After-Patient 7
    BeforePatient 7After

Since getting my new smile, it’s like I have a new superpower. Now I get a thrill watching people light up when I smile freely. It lights us both up! My new smile has not only made me happier and really improved my interaction with the world, but I’m also getting more rest and am working on getting rid of some of those other ‘signs of aging.”